Go places you never thought you could

How far does the nissan leaf go?

2018 Nissan LEAF with 250 miles range capability


150 Miles



DC Quick Charging Time[*]

30 Minutes =
Up To 90 Miles

Thrill to a fully charged life

More range, more power, and easier charging

Nissan LEAF kicks everything up a notch. From 40% more range than the previous generation, to a boost in power to get you there quicker, to an easier way to charge, you’ll always look forward to the next exhilarating drive.

Get the most out of your charge

How can you extend your range?

2018 Nissan LEAF with ECO Mode functionality

Eco Mode

Choose ECO Mode to limit the motor’s output and conserve energy. It also slightly increases regenerative braking, all of which helps you achieve the best possible range.

Nissan LEAF with  B-Mode for regenerative braking, which charges the battery


Really serious about maxing out your range? You can also activate B Mode. This delivers more aggressive regenerative braking, which charges the battery.

It's never been easier to charge

How do i charge my nissan leaf?

2018 Nissan LEAF shown charging

Charge at home or on the go

Keep right on going

Whether you are plugging in overnight or topping off during the day, it's easy to keep your Nissan LEAF fully charged.[*]

Home & Public charging – 240V

Nissan LEAF powerful home and public charging capabilities

1 hour[*]

22 Miles

Full charge

7.5 hours


Nissan Leaf Public Charging Stations

  • With 6.6 kW charging, you have the choice of a dedicated charger or dedicated wall unit (MODE3 Charger)
  • A safe, quick charge is just one of the benefits of 6.6 kW charging
  • In a pinch, you can use the standard trickle charge cord to plug into a standard 120 V wall outlet.
Nissan LEAF with 120V/240V charging chord that plugs directly into an outlet


With an innovative charging system, it’s never been easier or quicker to get moving. And now with no wall box necessary, you can plug in to the same outlet as a conventional clothes dryer with Nissan LEAF’s available 120V/240V cord.[*]

2018 Nissan LEAF with charge timer


Set a charging timer right from the navigation screen with just a few taps. This means that you can start and stop charging at designated times – so you can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates (2017 Nissan LEAF screen shown).


Nissan LEAF with Public DC Quick Charging

30 Minutes

Up to 90 Miles

40 Minutes

80% Charge


Public Charging Stations

2018 Nissan LEAF Quick Charge Port

Quick Charge Port

The available Quick Charge port allows you to plug into a Quick Charger and reach up to 80% charge in 40 minutes. This is the fastest method available – ideal for when you want to top off your charge or for quick pit stops on a long-distance trip.

When is the best time to charge?

Find your next charge with ease

Public charging infrastructure keeps expanding

Charging your Nissan LEAF using public charging stations is fast and easy. And with thousands of CHAdeMO Quick Charging points and level 2 stations already available, with more being built every day, you’re never far from your next charge. Plus, Quick Charging your vehicle takes about the same amount of time as enjoying a quick bite to eat.[*]

Nissan LEAF rear profile, with EV Charging network map


Ready for your next charge? Just pull up the charging map on your navigation screen, locate the nearest charging station, and let Nissan LEAF show you exactly how to get there. And with specialized filters, you can search for everything from the type of charger to the type of payment.


Charging your Nissan LEAF using public charging stations is fast and easy. There will be approximately 2,000 CHAdeMO Fast Charging points and over 30,000 level 2 stations and counting by 2017 in the U.S. And with select states offering electric vehicles the use of carpool lanes, getting to a public station is a cinch.


In addition to the growing number of public Quick Charge stations you can access with your Nissan LEAF, many Nissan dealers are offering Quick Chargers you can use free of charge. Now, topping off is even more convenient.[*]

Locate Nissan Dealers with Quick Chargers
Download the EZ Charge app to quickly find the nearest public EV charging station

Zero in on your next charge – it might even be complimentary

Powered by PlugShare, the Nissan LEAF EZ-Charge app maintains the world's largest database of EV charging stations, and Nissan LEAF owners get special access to PlugShare's No Charge To Charge® filter, which finds participating complimentary charging stations for you. The app also includes a Trip Planner, so you’ll know exactly where to charge even before you begin your next journey. [*]

At the heart of every ehxilarating drive

A bigger battery deliver more power and Range

With a larger capacity battery, confidence-inspiring warranty, and an extraordinary record of reliability, you can feel confident you are driving some of the best technology around.

2018 Nissan LEAF battery

Innovative battery

The new Nissan LEAF battery not only holds more energy, it does so in the same amount of space as the previous battery. Your all-electric miles per charge will really add up.

Battery warranty

We've got you covered. The comprehensive Nissan LEAF lithium-ion battery limited warranty is good for 8 years/100,000 miles (whichever occurs first).[*]

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